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The TEFL Institute has now been awarded approval from a US accreditation body!

We are very excited at the TEFL Institute to announce that we have officially received AQC curriculum approval from the DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission). This prestigious educational body in the USA rigorously reviewed our Level 5 courses, and we are delighted to have passed this process after much hard work from our team.

What are DEAC and AQC?

The DEAC is an American education body that approves distance learning providers and is officially recognized by the US Education Department as a valid register of distance learning courses. They approve courses at all levels and institutions and have many years of experience in the education field, so they know what they’re talking about! Only the best quality courses are able to pass this process and gain this approval.

AQC (Approved Quality Curriculum) is the process that the DEAC uses to assess the quality of our courses. This can take up to a year to assess the courses, materials and assessment processes to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are fair and objective on behalf of the students who take them.

What does being approved mean exactly?

This means that our Level 5 courses have been approved by an official US accreditation body. This body has validated our courses as being of the highest quality and accredited for distance learning on its register in the US. This approval has been granted to all of our Level 5 courses, including the 60-hour specialist courses.

How does a course become DEAC AQC curriculum approved?

The courses at the TEFL Institute have been rigorously assessed to achieve this. We have been working hard over the last year to ensure that our courses are up to the DEAC standard. This involves being assessed on our Level 5 courses to ensure that they meet a certain standard.

Our course materials and assessment processes have undergone rigorous checks to ensure they meet these US standards. This means that every module, lesson, and learning objective has been found to meet these strict criteria for distance learning. 

Only courses that meet these high standards are given approval, so we are very excited to be able to say that we have officially been approved!

Why have we decided to go through this process?

Accreditation for TEFL courses is very important to ensure that our students are getting the best quality courses. As a learner paying to study our courses online, you must be assured that you are paying for the best course that will be internationally recognized and able to give you the best possible start in your TEFL career. 

We are incredibly proud of being accredited already by OFQUAL, but extending this accreditation in another country is a big step to keep up our high standards for our online TEFL courses. We always aim to uphold the quality of our courses and the learning experience.

Our student base is growing more than ever, and we have learners from all over the world choosing to study with us. More and more students from the USA in particular are taking courses with us, so it’s a great time for us to be able to gain this AQC curriculum approval. Being approved shows that our courses will be able to give our students the best TEFL training.

What’s next?

As an online TEFL course provider, we will continue working to the highest standards to give our students the best learning experience and a great foundation for their future TEFL careers, wherever that may take them. We are very excited about this new step in our journey for our company and our students!


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