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How are the TEFL courses laid out? 

March 1, 2022

The online courses are self-study, which means you can complete your studies in your own time and from wherever you are in the world. They’re broken up into manageable modules, filled course content, videos, podcasts, reflective tasks and tests.

120 Hour Accredited TEFL Course: 10 modules with a multiple choice test at the end of each module. You will need 80% to pass. We offer free retests if you fail the first time. You have six months to complete the course. On average, it takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

180 Hour Level 5 Course: 11 modules with a test at the end of each module, consisting of MCQs and open-ended questions. This Level 5 course has a 100% pass mark. Our system will correct your multiple choice answers immediately and you’ll be asked to retake the test if not correct. You can retake the test as many times as you need. The open-ended answers are checked by our assessment team, and you will get feedback if your answers need to be changed. You won’t get an unlimited number of times and there may be a cost to repeat, so be sure to take their feedback into account. Once you pass, your Level 5 government regulated certificate will be issued. You have six months to complete the course, but extensions are available if needed. 

30 Hour Specialist TEFL Courses: these are much shorter than the main TEFL qualifications. All tests are done online and corrected instantly. They have course content and tests throughout the course and can be completed before or after the main TEFL qualification. 

10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course: this is completed online over Zoom. You’ll join a class of no more than 12 students with your tutor, Kate. The course is help over two five-hour days. Kate is responsible for your passing mark based on your attendance, involvement and completion of an assignment.

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