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How do I legalise or notarise my documents?

March 1, 2022

You may be requested to legalise any of the following documents as part of your visa process: degrees, police clearance checks and your TEFL certificate. 

Here are four steps to give you an understanding of the general process:

  1. Submit a request for a criminal record check or Garda clearance form if it’s required by your employer. The cost varies depending on your country of origin. It’s free in Ireland, for example, but in the UK it’s around £25 and $18 in the USA. Remember to check with your employer or the embassy that will be issuing your visa if you need to have this document legalised.
  2. Find a solicitor or Notary Public to legalise your documents. A Google search will show you who and where they are. The cost per document notarised varies, but it tends to be around €40.
  3. Send your document for an Apostille stamp (only if specifically requested by the embassy or your employer). In the UK, the standard service costs £30 per document, plus courier fees or postage.
  4. Take your legalised documents to the embassy to get the visa stamped onto your passport. There are companies that offer visa services that can do this for you if you can’t go in person.

Remember to keep the timeframe in mind during these steps. It can take 6-8 weeks to get your visa. So, don’t delay preparing your documents.

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