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What does it mean DEAC AQC Curriculum Approved?

Ola FlynnOla Flynn
March 21, 2024


DEAC has approved our Level 5 TEFL Course as meeting the criteria for Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC) status. This endorsement applies to our Level 5 courses: the 180-hour, the 4x 60-hour, and the 300-hour Advanced Diploma. However, it’s important to note that DEAC does not approve our 120-hour, 240-hour, or 30-hour courses. As outlined by our academic director, this approval signifies that:

  • Our course aligns with the standards set for course content, curriculum, and assessments in the United States.
  • It undergoes rigorous and stringent checks to ensure adherence to these standards.
  • The course curriculum and assessments undergo comprehensive reviews.
  • We maintain the highest standards throughout the development and delivery of our courses.
  • Our course is guaranteed to meet the standards set by the US Department for Education in the field of TEFL.

DEAC, or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, is a recognised accrediting agency by the US Department of Education. AQC, or Approved Quality Curriculum, is a status granted by DEAC to signify that a course meets its rigorous quality standards. These approvals assure our students of our TEFL courses’ high quality and credibility.

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