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Teach English OnlineTest Your EnglishCourse Overview

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Trusted & Respected by Employers Worldwide

With people all across the globe becoming accustomed to a new world of distance and virtual learning, thousands of students must now learn from home. By teaching English online, you have the opportunity to make an impact.


  • Teaching English online! Gain valuable experience and start creating the life of your dreams. By teaching online now, you can set yourself up to teach on the road and travel when things have returned to normal.
  • Our TEFL internships and jobs are still hiring for the future! Why not sign up today and in a few months you could be boarding a plane to Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam!
  • By teaching English online, you have the opportunity to make an impact. Giving your students a chance to thrive, a chance for them to learn from home during this unprecedented time.


If you have ever thought about teaching English and traveling, why not start preparing today? Now is the perfect time to get your certification online to take the first step towards your dream life. With comprehensive online courses and our team of academic experts helping to answer any and all of your questions, what’s stopping you?

Government Regulated Training Courses

A Global Reputation & International Partnerships

Long-term travel may seem impossible; however, with the TEFL Institute of Ireland, we want your travel dreams to become a reality… The TEFL Institute of Ireland is an Irish based course provider that offers Level 5 Ofqual UK Government Regulated courses, the most prestigious accredited certification through online training. Together, our team has over 20 years of EFL training and teaching experience, which shows through our committed job assistance and continues lifetime support to our customers.

To take a TEFL course, the most critical assets are enthusiasm, motivation and determination. Taking a TEFL course with us requires commitment from you, so you need to be prepared to put aside some time to work through the course properly. With the right attitude, we promise you’ll learn all you need to become a great TEFL teacher. It’s also a great way to learn about a new culture where you plan to teach English and help prevent miscommunications in the classroom.

We are one of the most accredited course providers in Ireland, with a strong reputation for our high-quality learning experiences, and our internationally recognised TEFL courses. Along with prestigious accredited courses, including the fast track 120-hour premier TEFL course, we provide hands-on teaching experience with our international paid TEFL internships. Gain valuable experience and pad your CV and live travel dreams.

Verified Student Reviews

Kedson Nogueira
Kedson N.
15:06 07 Jul 20
It was a pleasure to complete my TEFL course with The TEFL Institute of Ireland. Modules are straight forward to follow, detailed, and organised. The activities and videos throughout the modules were a nice aid to learning. During the current pandemic, this was a great way to invest in yourself, stay productive, and proactive.Highly recommended!
Gillian Arigho
Gillian A.
12:32 07 Jul 20
I recently finished the 120 hours TEFL, 30 hours TOEIC and 30 hours IELTS course and couldn't recommend it more. The layout of the website was very easy to follow (something I always take into consideration) and user friendly. If you're unsure whether TEFL is for you, look around the website for a bit before buying as there is plenty of information.In each module there were so many extra resources, such as videos, books or PDFs. Every module has to be completed before you complete a quiz and move onto the next one.Another huge positive is that you can take it at your own pace. They also have an app which meant I could study while on the bus to and from work.After each course you complete you get sample CVs, cover letters and lesson plans in some modules. They really do do their best to help you get the most out of your learning.The communication lines between the student and TEFL Institute of Ireland were really strong, too. If I had any issues I could email/message and they would reply promptly and in a really positive manner. If anyone is looking into doing a TEFL course, I would recommend this company.
sheena doyle
sheena D.
17:28 06 Jul 20
I immensely enjoyed the experience and would recommend this course to anyone going into TEFL jobs or even just looking for extra qualifications to help get work abroad and at home.
Louis Costello
Louis C.
14:06 06 Jul 20
I have just completed the 120 hour course and 10 hour virtual class room course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland, The virtual classroom gave a great insight into role of a English language teacher which was then followed up with the easy to follow independent online learning. I was very impressed with the classroom ideas provided and the level of detail which the online reading provided. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking a TEFL course and I am excited to begin my journey with the new skills that I have learnt. Well done!
Claire McCarthy
Claire M.
09:50 05 Jul 20
I completed the120 hour TEFL course online and it was such a great experience. Extensive information on teaching English provided and super friendly service.
Ama Reshamvala
Ama R.
15:01 04 Jul 20
I just finished the 120 hour TEFL course and found it very useful. It was well laid out and the modules were easy to comprehend. The course was engaging and fun.
Niamh Murphy
Niamh M.
11:45 04 Jul 20
I competed the TEFL 120 hour course a little while ago and thought it was brilliant, straight forward and very accessible, thanks to the TEFL institute for this opportunity!
Emily Sheahan
Emily S.
14:09 03 Jul 20
The 120 Hour Online course is perfect for preparing for your first teaching job. By signing up to one of the internships I was put in contact with recruiters in Thailand and was quickly offered a position. When the Covid-19 pandemic worsened worldwide the communication from the TEFL Institute of Ireland regarding the changing situation was fast and clear. The course was thorough and easy to follow and the TEFL team was incredibly helpful right throughout the process.



Trusted and Respected by Employers Worldwide

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Are you interested in teaching English as a foreign language but you are not sure where to get started?

Our 46-page TEFL brochure has everything you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language. From which TEFL course is best for you to different jobs and opportunities available, this exclusive and informative brochure has you covered.


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We are one of the most accredited course providers in Ireland, with a strong reputation for our high-quality learning experiences, and our internationally recognised TEFL courses.

Now you can have access to our courses from any device, whether you are on the go or simply at home, through our exclusive TEFL app! If you are currently working on a course or simply need to review, our app will enable you to always have it on you.



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The 46 page comprehensive TEFL brochure will tell you everything you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language – including the full range of training options, TEFL Jobs, and TEFL scholarships available.

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What’s inside?

  • The TEFL job market
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  • Job advertisement & examples
  • Interview questions
  • Tips for a good cover letter

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