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Summer time

I’m in my final month of teaching Montessori English language at a private language school based in Poland. Combining a TEFL qualification with the Montessori Education Method enables me to focus more on material preparation, which are in my classroom for students to freely choose from. My students have the freedom to learn and use many materials when and how they feel. As a result of teaching Upper Elementary level in Poland (4th and 5th Grades) I’m in a strong position to search for something new at the end of my employment contract in June 2019. I enjoy teaching ESL in a foreign country. I will continue to do so, but, working 45 hours a week within one language school has its drawbacks… this summer I will concentrate on teaching ESL online and expanding my online business as highlighted in today’s TEFL blog title…

… Yes that’s right! I’m currently teaching using my mobile phone on free applications such as Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp and Viber. As a professional freelance English language teacher I’m essentially getting paid to have conversations in English on my phone. I advertise this service through my website and allow students to have lessons anywhere/ anytime. For example, one of my online students has lessons with me while she is in her car commuting to work. She puts me on loud speaker of a morning and evenings twice a week. We have phone call conversations about different topics. It’s popular for her because she doesn’t have time for one-to-one lessons, let alone sitting in front of a computer for video lessons. I can be anywhere at anytime taking notes which I then send as feedback, homework and revision.


It’s all about being creative and putting your students’ needs first. Since after all they are willing to pay to learn. You have to put in the time and effort ‘bending over backwards’ for them. I’m in the process of advertising new lessons dedicated to coffee break lessons… watch this space for more ideas.



Keep in mind the use of mobile phones as a device to teach, I have experience in teaching ESL to children and young learners which is why I’m interested in the mobile application called PalFish. Its an official kids course provider where you can download the application for free and sign up as a Native English teacher and speak with non-Natives for a pay of up to 22$ an hour. If you enjoy teaching ESL to children online then this could be the application for you.


In other news, I make the most of sketching and I have over 100 observational pen and ink drawings made on location during my stay here in Poland, since November 2018. As a result of teaching English online I can make the most of my time and prioritise when and where I want to be.

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