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When you move to another country, one of the best ways to be acquainted and integrated into the culture is by learning the language. When you move to Thailand in particular, in the villages, very few people will speak English. Therefore, it is vital for you to learn a few basic Thai phrases. Read more about Thailand in Suzanna’s blog about Teaching in Thailand here.

Thai is a tonal language, which means that the same word, when pronounced differently will have a completely different meaning. In Thai, there are five different tones, differentiated by the markings above the vowels. Next to each word is the phonetic transcription of the word to help with pronunciation.

In Thai, there are also two different words used at the end of a sentence depending on if you are male or female: Ka is for females and Khrup is for males. These words are used at the end of the phrase or sentence to be polite or say please.

Key Phrases in Thai

These are simply a few key phrases to get you started on your journey to learning Thai. Always have these phrases on you by downloading the PDF here.

What are some key phrases you recommend learning when moving to a new country?

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