Best Podcasts for ESL Teachers

Best Podcasts for ESL Teachers

Are you curious as to how to improve your ESL teaching skills? One great way to learn a new skill or to answer questions you may have, all while commuting to work is by listening to a podcast! With podcasts being all the rage these days, here are a few of the top podcasts to check out as an ESL teacher!

TEFL Boot camp

This show is great for those who are still working on getting their TEFL certification. This podcast helps you to develop and learn new teaching skills vital for the classroom. Some of their podcast topics include; student discipline in the classroom, lesson planning, and TEFL business. All of their podcasts are available online from their website. Or can be downloaded to listen to on the go! 

The TEFL show 

The show is hosted by Marek Kiczkowiak and Rober McCaul who both have extensive years of TEFL teaching experience. They offer listeners great advice on how to succeed as a TEFL teacher. Their episodes are available on their website, iTunes, and Soundcloud so you can listen to them at a cafe or download them to have on the go! On their website, they outline each episode and link any websites mentioned in the show, making it easy for viewers to learn from their show. 

Board Gaming with English

This show is fabulous for anyone who is currently teaching English. Each podcast will offer listeners a new game.  These can implemented in the classroom. This podcast is great for those interested in using everyday games in their lessons to make learning English fun!

TEFL Commute

This show is great for an easy listen on your daily commute to school. Hosted by three highly trained TEFL teachers who have experience educating ESL students across the globe. Their goal is to create lighthearted episodes. These can be used in your classroom. Their podcast is available online, youtube, iTunes, and Spotify. 

Classroom Q&A

Hosted by the world-famous teacher and educator Larry Ferlazzo, this show aims at answering modern-day problems in classrooms. Listen to Larry Ferlazzo’s interview with other ESL teachers to gain insight into any issues you may be having in the classroom. This podcast is available for download on iTunes. 


This podcast is perfect for those who want something short and informative. With all of their episodes being under 15-minutes, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to find the time. Their podcasts are unique in their approach to TEFL and cover topics such as LGBT + TESOL, and how to integrate drama into your lessons. This podcast is available online or on iTunes. 

These are simply a few great podcasts that we recommend listening to in order to improve your ESL teaching skills. What podcast are you most interested in listening to?! 

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