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Online English teaching props

Got your TEFL and maybe even certification in Teaching English Online and decided to start your online English teaching career? As a new online English teacher, it can sometimes be a bit intimidating. However, we have you covered! Check out this list of essential resources for online English teachers!


This website is a great resource for all English teachers who are teaching a higher level of English language (i.e. a level B1 at least). Goodreads allows teachers to organize and share books with their students. It is a great resource for students who are looking to further develop their language skills outside of the classroom.

Purdue OWL

Need help teaching Grammar and creating printable resources for your students? Purdue OWL is the perfect resource for you! No matter what level of English they’re at, there are resources to help English language learners improve their grammar skills.


In addition to Purdue OWL, NoRedInk is another great resource to help you teach grammar to English language learners. However, the difference is that the lessons and practice worksheets are individualized for each student. It is easy to use and great for helping students of all levels.


Educreations is a great resource for higher-level English language learner’s writing skills. While editing a student’s writing, you can add voice over to help explain the revisions. Not only will it help English language learners with their writing skills, but also with their listening skills. 

English Grammar Online

Another great online English grammar tool is English Grammar Online. Not only will you have access to help students with their vocabulary, but you will also be able to give tests and exercises to help master English grammar for your students.

British Council Teaching English website

This website is a great resource for new online English teachers who are looking for inspiration to help plan their next lesson. The website is complete with articles and videos to help you create a lesson your students will love!

Busy Teacher

Whether you’re looking for worksheets on grammar or vocabulary, Busy Teacher has you covered! They have worksheets on everything you could possibly want to use to help your students learn English. In addition to worksheets, there are over 2,000 articles to help you plan for any ESL issue you may encounter. 

Breaking News English

Want to keep your lessons up to date and incorporate the current events? This is the perfect site for you! Every few days there is a new lesson uploaded onto the website based on a news story.


This is the perfect website to help your English language learners work on their listening and comprehension skills. It provides students with activities and quizzes paired to test their listening skills. 

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