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Nobody starts their TEFL career with the intention of making loads of money. Teaching English abroad is a job with purpose. It allows you to see the world and change your perspective on life, happiness and all the rest. It is a job with a clear and observable value. At this exact moment, millions of office job drones are wondering, if I didn’t show up this week, would anyone notice? Teaching English overseas is different. Your job matters, you matter–to your students, to their families, and to the community. All that goodness can be really addicting. And that is when careers happen.

After teaching English in the sexy paycheck-to-paycheck destinations, many TEFL teachers start looking for higher paying opportunities. Altruism is great but it doesn’t pay the travel bills. If you are a creative traveler and an adventurous teacher the following destinations can be rewarding, lucrative and fun.


Not long ago, China was the place where anyone could find a job. No university degree, no TEFL degree: no problem! The rules were lax and the pay was crap; but hey, a job is a job, right? The game has changed. China tightened its regulations and the quality of jobs on offer reflects that.

Salary: 1500 – 2000 EUR per month
Housing: Allowance provided
Transportation: Reimbursed upon completion of contract
Cost of Living: Medium


Japan is a great destination for TEFL qualified English teachers. The salaries are high and cultural is fascinating.
Teach English in Japan. Save money and travel.

Japan is one of the most culturally rich nations on earth. The salaries are high, but curbing your travel urges and saving money won’t be easy. If you are a teetotaler who likes to cook at home, you’ll be able to save money. If that weekend bullet train to Tokyo is calling your name, you won’t save cab fare to the airport.

Salary: 1800-2000 EUR per month
Housing: Assistance provided
Transportation: Not included
Cost of Living: High


South Korea

Everyone loves teaching English in South Korea. The English language programs are well organized and the expat communities are vibrant even in places well outside of Seoul. Plus, you can have fun and save money too. TEFL teachers often save in upwards of 800 EUR monthly.

Salary: 1500-2000 EUR per month
Housing: Paid for or subsidized
Transportation: Reimbursed upon completion of contract
Cost of Living: Low to medium


Plenty of English Teachers have gotten “stuck” in Taiwan. It is place where you can fall into a comfortable life of routine–as routine as life abroad gets anyway. And the teaching jobs pay well so you’ll have enough money to travel wherever you’d like.

Salary: 1200-1800 EUR
Housing: Assistance provided
Transportation: Not included
Cost of Living: Medium

Saudi Arabia

If you want to save money with zero temptation to spend money, Saudi is your spot. Most of the English teaching jobs are at universities and massive companies like the oil giant Saudi Aramco. Housing is provided in compounds specially designated for foreign workers. The plushness of the compounds varies but often they are very comfortable. Obviously, the culture is an adjustment for Westerners, however, the truth is, the Saudi Blues almost always comes down to boredom and loneliness.

Salary: 3000-5000 EUR per month
Housing: Provided
Transportation: Provided
Cost of Living: Low


Brunei is a premier destination for TEFL qualified English teachers. It boasts high salaries, long-term contracts and a high standard of living.
High salaries. Beautiful scenery. It doesn’t get better than Brunei.

This tiny South East Asian nation might be the best career destination on the TEFL map. The job requirements are strict, but if you’ve got the CV, Brunei ticks all the boxes. Teacher salaries are high, contracts are typically for 2-3 year periods, the housing allowance and options are excellent. AND, Brunei is an amazing launch pad for regional travel; Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia; paradise in every direction!

Salary: 3000-5000 EUR per month
Housing: Allowance
Transportation: Paid + a yearly allowance
Cost of Living: Low-medium

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