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Choosing the best TEFL course can be strict, with so many possibilities. How do you pick amongst the many sorts of platforms and course providers? Not all TEFL course providers and practices are the same. Whatever program you choose will fully equip you to teach English as a foreign language and will be recognized by employers worldwide.

How to choose the best TEFL course

Before choosing the best TEFL course, you should know a few key points. Before purchasing a TEFL course, consider the following five points.

What accreditation should a course provider have?

Accreditation is the most crucial consideration when looking for the best TEFL course. However, things might become problematic in TEFL. Let us try to clarify this for you.

Accrediting bodies are not all the same. It is typical for TEFL firms to form their accrediting organization to accredit themselves and promote that they are ‘completely approved’ (a meaningless phrase in the context of TEFL courses, so be wary of this). Furthermore, membership is distinct from accreditation; the two differ significantly. Accreditation from well-known and well-respected agencies with rigorous standards is desired. To maintain a high level of quality, they should have strict criteria and inspect the course provider frequently.

To find the best TEFL course, the first thing you should search for on a course provider’s website is information regarding their accreditation. Also, please don’t believe everything they say; conduct your research!

120 hour TEFL Accredited

What support is offered?

A competent TEFL course provider will help you throughout and after your training. This can include a personal tutor and job placement aid once qualified.

When enrolling in a course with The TEFL Institute, you will be assigned a personal tutor. Our tutors are highly educated and experienced English as a foreign language teachers. At this point in your TEFL adventure, having a single point of contact is critical. Someone who understands what it takes to teach English can answer your questions from personal experience and provide helpful feedback on your tasks.

Support does not guarantee a job at the end of the course; there are various reasons to doubt this. Consider what the course provider can supply to assist you in acquiring a fantastic job once you’ve obtained your TEFL certification. Our TEFL Jobs Centre is available to all course graduates for the rest of their lives. When necessary, they can get advice from our TEFL consultants. In addition, we update our weekly blog with valuable tips and information to help our students and graduates find work.

A single person may run some low-cost TEFL classes. This makes it harder to reach someone if you are experiencing technical difficulties or require additional assistance. Is it possible to contact the provider by phone, email, live chat, or other means? Do they have regular business hours?

How many TEFL hours should a course have?

One hundred twenty hours is the industry standard. You will be disadvantaged if you enrol in a course with fewer hours. You will squander your time and money if you take one with a lot more.

A 120-hour TEFL certificate will give you the foundation to teach English for the first time. The majority of your teacher training will be on the job. To get started, you must grasp TEFL methodology and lesson design and be comfortable standing in front of a class and teaching. Your TEFL certification will come in handy here.

It is crucial to analyze the courses covered while choosing a TEFL course. In 120 hours, you want to cover grammar and TEFL methods. Because most native English speakers will not study their grammar carefully, the course must have a decent grammar component. Given that grammar is most EFL teachers’ first fear when they join the classroom, we cannot overstate its importance!

If you go beyond 120 hours, ensure the extra time is focused on your goals. Are you interested in teaching business English? Include a course focusing on this. The same holds for online English instruction. It is unnecessary to complete hundreds of hours of training before beginning to teach English!

Is a practicum/teaching assessment necessary?

TEFL suppliers who provide practicum courses will commonly spread the notion that a teaching practice or assessment with real students is essential. Employers, they argue, will not consider you if you do not have it.

Said, while a practicum is not required, it can be advantageous! It would be best to consider whether you want to make a profession out of teaching. If this is the case, the initial outlay may be well justified. The CELTA, the most well-known and well-established intensive course with a teaching exam, costs roughly £1,200. A month of full-time study is also frequently required. It’s pretty pricey compared to a TEFL course, which can range between £150 and £500.

Taking an online TEFL course from a respected course provider, or one combined with a short classroom course, is sufficient to get you started in the TEFL sector. A practicum is not required.

Read the fine print and avoid hidden fees.

A decent TEFL course provider will provide enough time to finish your course and will not charge you any extra costs. Contact them if you need assistance determining how long it takes to complete a trial or if the cost of the certificate (both hard copy and PDF) is included. Hidden fees are standard for Groupon TEFL classes but are not confined to low-cost options!

If you signed up for our 120-hour Advanced Online TEFL course, you would have six months to complete it. Given that most of our students graduate in 6-8 weeks, this is enough time for most, but those who require additional time can purchase an extension. Some TEFL course providers will offer you a short deadline to complete your studies to enhance the possibility that you will have to pay extension fees.

A tangible copy of your certificate is another way for TEFL course providers to make additional money. If you want to teach English in another nation, you will need a hard copy of your diploma, which should be included in the course fee. If it isn’t already, determine how much it will cost first. When comparing the prices of TEFL courses, one may appear too expensive, but if these hidden expenses are considered, the ultimate cost can be much higher. Prepare ahead of time to avoid unwanted shocks!

180 hour Level 5 TEFL Diploma, Online TEFL, TEFL Course

The best TEFL courses for teaching online and abroad

120-hour TEFL course

The industry standard is 120 hours. This is the bare minimum if you want to teach English abroad or online. If you are a native English speaker with a degree and previous teaching experience, you should have no trouble finding work.

A 120-hour course can be completed entirely online or, if offered by the provider, with some in-person classroom training.

Level 5 TEFL course

Ofqual regulates Level 5 TEFL courses, assessed as Level 5 qualifications within their system. These courses are usually more than 120 hours long and, like a 120-hour course, can be taken wholly online or in conjunction with classroom teaching.

When applying for positions, Level 5 training can provide a modest advantage, especially if you don’t have a degree or previous teaching experience or aren’t a native English speaker. It’s a fantastic alternative for individuals unsure about teaching because it’s a more comprehensive training.

It is crucial to remember that it will not gain you a better-paying job (in the TEFL sector, salaries are determined by experience), but it will make it easier to find work by enhancing your CV.


The CELTA is one of the most well-known and recognized programmes for teaching English as a foreign language. It specializes in teaching adults.

Accredited centers typically provide CELTA courses. They consist of one month of full-time on-site study and six hours of observed teaching practice. This course can cost as much as £1,200. It is, therefore, substantially more expensive than a TEFL course. Teachers frequently take a TEFL course initially, followed by a CELTA once they’ve determined teaching is their path.

Trinity CertTESOL

The Trinity CertTESOL is quite comparable to the CELTA in terms of delivery. It is a four-week intense course with observed teaching practice, similar to the CELTA. The Trinity CertTESOL may be slightly less expensive than the CELTA.

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