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How to deal with homesickness

When you move abroad, it is a whirlwind experience. Not only do you have to deal with the physical aspect of moving abroad, but you also have to learn a new culture. Sometimes, you can even develop homesickness. Unfortunately, this can be all too common, however, there are several ways to combat this! Here are different ways to get over being homesick.

Explore your new home

When you first move to a new country or town, you need to be acquainted with the area. By exploring your new home, you will begin to feel more comfortable with the area and you will be able to discover fun things to try. By discovering these new and engaging things to try, you will be able to keep busy, which will also help to combat your feeling of homesickness.

Get into a routine

After living in your new home for a few weeks, it helps you to develop a new routine. Maintaining a routine will enable you to get a sense of normalcy.

Make local friends

One of the best ways to combat homesickness is by making new friends. Friends will encourage you to try new things, explore the area, and keep you from staying home too much. They will also be able to provide you with a local support system when you are feeling homesick.

Be active

When you are active, it helps to release endorphins that will help you to stay happy and positive. It is also a great way to get to know the culture of your new home as some countries have different sports, for example, in Thailand; Muay Thai is an extremely popular sport. Not to mention that by playing sports or joining a sports club, you will be able to make friends in your new town.

Learn about the culture

When a culture is completely new and unknown, it can be intimidating and make you miss what is familiar to you. This is why it is important to learn about the new culture that surrounds you. By understanding the culture, you will be able to immerse yourself within your new home!

Bring something from home

When you are packing for your big move, it is important to remember to bring something from home. Whether this is an important memento, or a type of food that you love, bringing something from home will help you to feel like you are still there.  

Write in a journal

One great way to start your day while abroad is to write down what you are thankful for. By writing down, what you are grateful for, it will help you to focus on being positive which will help you with feeling homesick.

Remember why you made the move

You decided to go on this epic adventure for a reason. Do not forget why you chose to move abroad! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and worst-case scenario; just remember that you are only there for a limited amount of time. Make the most of your time in your new home. Remembering this will help you to combat your feeling of homesickness.

These are simply a few things that you can do to help deal with your homesickness while living abroad.

What are some things you do to combat missing home?

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