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How to motivate students

When teaching students, it’s normal for them to sometimes lose motivation. If you have been using the same routine for several weeks now, the students can get bored. This is all too common. Not to worry! We have put together a list of several ways to engage your students and keep them motivated! 

Play Games 

Sometimes learning a language can be frustrating for students and they are not interested in the material. A great way to engage and motivate students is to make the lessons fun by playing games! Games bring out the competitive side in students and make learning fun. By playing games, it will help students to work together, engage with the material, and remember the vocabulary! 

Use a Reward System 

Along the lines of playing games, using a reward system can help to motivate students in learning the material. Whether the rewards are a result of games, good behavior, or homework results is entirely up to you! The reward system can come in different forms, no homework, golden stars next to a student name, or even candy! All of these are great ways to motivate students and encourage good behavior.

Teach Things They’re Interested In 

Teaching students things that are relevant to their lives is a great way to keep students motivated and interested in the class. A great example of this is sports. Students tend to enjoy playing sports and will, therefore, be more motivated to learn vocabulary related to that subject! To do this, simply ask them what they are interested in! This can be done at the beginning of the term or even in the middle if you feel it will remotivate students. 

Another way to motivate them is to remind them of the importance of learning English. This will depend on the reasons your students are taking the class. Are they learning English because it is required? Are they studying English because they are trying to pass a specific test? Reminding students why they are taking the course can be a great motivator, particularly for adult learners. 

Get Outside

Sometimes sitting down all day in a classroom can become mundane. A great way to mix things up is to hold class outside! This will intrigue students and help them to become more engaged in the class. It will also help them to wake up as you will be moving around in the sun! 

These are simply a few ways that you can engage and motivate students to learn the material and participate in class.

What are some ways you motivate students to participate and engage in the material?

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