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Have you ever thought about teaching English abroad in France but weren’t too sure? Here are simply a few reasons to teach English in France today! 

The Cuisine

First and foremost is the food! French cuisine is well-known across the world as some of the finest food you can find. People from all over the world travel to France to both eat the cuisine and learn how to cook it. While teaching English in France, why not take a cooking class so that you can easily enjoy the food when you return home!

The Wine

One cannot think of France without thinking of the wine there. As with the cuisine, it is known across the world as some of the finest wine. Imagine going to a winery in France to see how the wine is made and tasting the different types. The stunning views only add to the ambiance of sipping on fine French wine. 


With France’s great public transportation system, you can easily take weekend getaways to explore all that France has to offer! If you’re teaching in the countryside, perhaps you will want to have an exciting weekend in Paris?! Not to mention France has a central location in Europe so that you can easily travel to other countries! Feel like having some tapas, head over to Spain

Learn a new language.. or don’t! 

As with English, French is a romantic language with similar roots. Therefore making it easier to learn than other languages, Vietnamese for example. If you’re looking to master a second, or perhaps a third language, immersing yourself in French is the perfect place to start! Living and working in France will have you speaking the language in no time.

Perhaps you aren’t interested in mastering another language, not to worry either! If you are worried about your ability to get around the city without knowing the language, don’t fret! Many people speak English in France (due to great English teachers!), especially in the cities. Thus making your transition to life in France that much easier!

Same conveniences as home

Used to running hot water and wifi everywhere you go and don’t want to give that up while living and teaching abroad? Then France may just be your answer! As a developed nation it offers all the comforts of home from basic necessities to Uber eats! 

The Louvre

Art and Culture

Ever want to see the Louvre or perhaps a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge? France is well known for its art and culture. Over 9 million tourists visit the Louvre annually! Immerse yourself in the unique history of France, from Napoleon to D-Day, France’s rich history, art, and culture are sure to impress. 


Have you ever wanted to step up your wardrobe or go on a shopping spree of a lifetime? Paris, France’s capital and the birthplace of brands like Coco-Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent, is one of the best places to go shopping! Why not indulge in decadence during your time abroad?!

The weather 

Another great benefit of working and living in France is the weather. With beautiful and warm Summers to mild Autumn and Spring weather, you won’t encounter much crazy weather! Yet, you will still be able to experience the seasons you know and love. 

Skiing in FranceGreat Skiing 

Speaking of weather, France has some of the best mountains to go Skiing in the winter! With over 250 ski resorts, the French Alps are a prime destination for skiing. Not an avid skier? This is the perfect place to learn or perhaps take up a different winter sport! Imagine spending your winter break off teaching playing in the snow in the French Alps?! 

Heritage sites 

France is ranked fourth in the world for the highest amount of UNESCO heritage sites! Visit stunning châteaux’s and cathedrals that have preserved France’s unique history after a day of teaching. Or perhaps take a weekend trip to Mont St Michel along France’s stunning coastline. With heritage sites such as these, you’re sure not to forget your time in France.

As we all know, Coronavirus has affected countries around the world. France is lucky enough to have handled the outbreak extremely well and has since begun welcoming teachers back within their borders! Why not begin your teaching career closer to home and with all of the comforts you’re accustomed to?! 


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