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Are you a non-native English speaker looking to teach English but not sure how to get started? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered! First things first, to make your application stand you, it would be best if you have a four-year degree, although it is not necessarily required by all of these companies to teach English online. Secondly, you will need to be TEFL certified. Unfortunately, you will be competing against native-English speakers and so you want to stand out from the crowd and make your application shine! To do this, we recommend having a TEFL certification higher than the 120-hour certification. For example, the 180-hour or 240-hour professional TEFL course! If you’re applying to an online English teaching company that specializes in Business English, why not also get certified in our 30-hour Business English course?! The more qualifications you have, the more you’ll stand out! Once you have these items, you’re set to go and begin applying to these English teaching companies and begin your teaching career today!

Amazing Talker

With this company, you can not only teach English but also your native language! What else could you ask for as a non-native English speaking teacher?! Be your own boss, set your own rate, and determine the hours you wish to work. There is no minimum amount of hours required to do each week and each class is one on one with the students. Therefore, you will be able to develop lasting relationships with each student!


Fluentbe is an online English language platform that is currently hiring teachers to help Polish speakers learn English! The classes are all one on one through an online platform similar to Skype. In order to teach at Fluentbe, you must have at least 1-year of teaching experience. Similarly to other platforms, you decide what hours you work, giving you control over your schedule! 


iTutorgroup varies from other online English teaching companies because classes are offered 24/7. Not to mention that you are able to choose the classes you wish to teach, whether that is one on one or to a group of six students! The longer you work for them, the more you will get paid hourly as well! Why not start your teaching career here as it can only go up from here! 


Looking to teach English online from your phone? Palfish is the way to go! With Palfish, you are required to teach a minimum of 3.5 hours and can earn anywhere from $10 to $18 per hour depending on your teaching experience. Each class is one on one with your students and you will be teaching young Chinese speakers. What are you waiting for?! Sign up today to teach on the go. 

Teach english from your phone


As with a few of the other online English teaching platforms, once you are accepted into the Preply program, you are able to set your own hours and rates! In the classes, you will mostly be teaching adult English language learners and you will therefore need to create your own teaching materials for the students. In addition, you get to set your own rates, however, Preply does take a small portion as a commission. 


Speexx focuses on helping students improve their mastery of the English language in regards to business. As long as you are certified to teach English, have a native-level mastery of the language, and can dedicate at least 25 hours a month, you are able to teach English with Speexx! When you are accepted into the program, you are paid for your training and have control over your schedule. Get paid to learn and work, what more could you ask for to launch your teaching career as a non-native English speaking teacher?!

First Future

Not sure if you want to teach children or adults? First Future lets you teach to both, whichever you choose! Rather than being its own school, First Future partners with schools across China to bring online English teachers to help improve their mastery of the language. Generally, they want teachers to have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification to apply. With a flexible schedule, you’re able to work on your time and get paid based on your experience.  


Another great online English platform is iTalki where you get to choose your own hours and rates. Just keep in mind that iTalki does take 15% off your rate as a commission. Your students are generally adult learners and each class is in a one on one setting. With no minimum requirement on how many hours you teach per week, this is a great option for those just getting started to teaching English online!


Want to connect with people all across the globe? Cambly is the platform to do it! Teach English language learners from all over the world. Unlike other platforms, Cambly takes a casual approach to learning English and focuses on conversational English with students. Each lesson is one on one with a flexible schedule that you can choose from to work. Perfect for non-native English speaking teachers to start their career!


This English language platform is based in Vietnam and allows students to pick and rate their teachers. Each class is one on one and you will be responsible for creating your own teaching materials. Earn anywhere from $9 – $12 based on your level of experience and begin your English teaching career today! 

What are you waiting for?! With all of these options, you’ll be able to start your English teaching career today!

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