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Teaching abroad after covid

In the wake of Coronavirus and the impact it has had, it is only natural to be wondering what it could possibly mean for international travel in the future. Will you still be able to teach abroad when things have calmed down? When will borders begin to reopen and when will you be able to travel again?

Despite the impact Coronavirus has had on the world, we are all looking towards the future with hope! Across the globe, countries have slowly begun to reopen and return to normalcy. However, we are aware that there may be questions in regards to when international travel will resume, and when you could possibly begin your English teaching career abroad? This is why we have answered a few of the questions regarding teaching English abroad after COVID-19. 

When will I be able to move abroad to teach English?

In short, it truly depends on the country and region that you are looking to move to, as well as the country that you are coming from. If you are traveling from a place that was not heavily impacted by Coronavirus, or in other words, did not have many cases, it may be easier for you to travel abroad. In addition, since the world began closing its borders in March, many countries have already started to ease restrictions and slowly begin to reopen. For those who are planning to travel and move abroad to teach English, you could begin to do so as early as late Summer to early Fall, depending on the country! 

Are companies still hiring English Teachers?

YES! Many schools and English teaching companies are still hiring! Despite Coronavirus, there is an increasing demand for English teachers! However, with government policies around the world continuously changing, start dates for English teaching programs may be subject to change. In addition, many companies hiring for in-person teaching jobs have paused hiring at the moment, until further information on when schools may reopen becomes available. However, there are ample online English teaching companies that are hiring today!


What have teachers who are currently abroad been saying?

When Coronavirus began, many English teachers who were working abroad chose to return to their home country. However, some English teachers chose to shelter in place and remain in their new country. Although many, if not all, schools remained closed, these teachers stayed to wait until the country returned to normalcy. Speaking with some teachers abroad in Vietnam and Thailand, the countries have slowly started to reopen and they look forward to teaching again! 

Is this a good time to invest in a TEFL course?

Absolutely! The demand for English teachers is continuously growing! By investing in the course now, you will have ample time to complete the course before moving abroad to teach English! By the time you have finished the course, hopefully, more countries would have opened their borders to welcome English teachers back! 

What are some other resources to learn more about Coronavirus?

Here are some helpful websites and resources to learn more about COVID-19 and looking towards the future.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

State Department

World Health Organization

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