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Tell us about yourself. We would love to know your background and what drew you to teaching English online. 

Hello, my name is Michela, and I’m from Italy. I have always been interested in studying English. When I was small, my mum bought me some interactive CDs or books for learning English. At school, I chose English as my second language to learn but my teacher wasn’t so good as she taught only the verbs and gave me a book to prepare for the year. After my diploma, I decided to go abroad to teach English properly. I started in London where I was doing an Aupair, and then decided to go to Ireland where I worked as a childcare provider in a school with small children. After those years abroad, I liked it more and more, so I decided to do the course for teaching English and start a new adventure of traveling around the world and teaching English online.

Why did you take a course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland?

I decided to take a course with TEFL Institute of Ireland because they had an offer when I started to look for a system, and the price was excellent. 

Which courses did you enrol in and why?

 I started with the course 120 hours because I wanted to know how to teach English, and now I’m starting the 180-hour Level 5 TEFL Diploma because I want to boost my knowledge of teaching English online. 

How was the course that you completed? 

The 120-hour course was exciting. Full of information and advice for teaching English. The lesson of each module is easy to understand. Also, they put extra material with videos to understand better how to teach English.

Do you think you are ready to teach English online?

Thanks to this course, I now have the base for teaching English. I will now know how to teach Vocabulary and grammar, and how to prepare the activity for the class to help the students practise writing or reading. 

Do you have any tips for other learners on how to stay motivated to complete an online course?

I can only say that if you have a goal to achieve, you will be finishing the course soon because it’s straightforward and helpful.

Which section of the course you found the most valuable and helpful?

I found most helpful the section on how to teach Vocabulary and grammar and some examples of how to plan an activity for the student.

My interest is in teaching English to the children and keeping them interested in learning English. I think it’s better to plan fun activities so they can enjoy the lesson.

Was it challenging to complete this TEFL course & how long did it take you?

The course was not challenging to complete. I’m working full-time, and I didn’t have much time during the week. I was doing the system only on the weekends, and I completed the course in one month and a half.























Do you feel ready for teaching, or would you consider participating in the 10 Hour Virtual Course,, which includes teaching practice to boost your confidence? 

I would like to participate in the 10-Hour Virtual to boost your confidence.

What encouragement do you have for individuals considering getting a TEFL certificate? 

If you are thinking of taking a change in your life and you like teaching, go for this course. It’s beneficial and complete with all you need to know to start a new adventure.

Now that you completed your TEFL course, what’s your next step? Where would you like to teach?

 I would like to continue to work with children, and I would like to travel to Africa or to other countries to give children the opportunity to learn English because once you learn English, you can travel the world and have more options in life.

Would you recommend us to others? 

I highly recommend TEFL Institute of Ireland. They always help me understand everything and give me some advice. And also, the price, of course, was excellent. They make a good offer.

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