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Deciding to teach English in another country can be intimidating, but with so many countries you get to explore, it is the best decision you will ever make! Here are the top seven benefits of teaching English abroad:

1. The places you’ll go…

The numerous travel opportunities are among the best aspects of teaching English overseas. To begin with, your destination country will be rich in locations to visit and discover. A bus or train journey away from adventure! Second, you will have a base of operations from which to go to neighbouring nations that would typically cost an arm and a leg to visit from home. The travel choices are numerous, and the holidays are fantastic if you work in a school setting, giving you many opportunities to explore farther away.

2. You’re immersed in the culture

Living and working in a nation is my favourite method to travel since it allows you to get to know the people and culture. Teaching English overseas gives you a unique perspective on a country because your pupils will be eager to learn about their traditions and local events. There will be several opportunities to learn from the community you call home. You may view a nation as a tourist, but as an English teacher, you will feel it, and it will take a piece of your heart. You may even pick up some of the language while you are there.

3. The friends for life

When you first move overseas, the people around you become your new family; they support you in bad times and laugh with you in good ones. Friendships formed while teaching abroad will last a lifetime. Nothing brings people together like the shared experience of trying to communicate in a language you’ve just started studying in a local grocery!

4. You’ll see the world from a different point of view

You may have heard that the language you think in can influence how you see the world, and learning new languages allows you to see the world in new ways. If you teach English in another country, you will learn to see the world through the eyes of your pupils and local acquaintances. It opens your eyes to new perspectives, assists you in putting things into perspective, and simultaneously increases your creative problem-solving abilities!


5. Every day is different

This may be the most admirable aspect of being an English teacher because you will never be bored! I’ve worked jobs where I taught the same topic to 20 different classes over a week, yet each of those classes responded drastically differently to the content. One type may enjoy songs and dancing, while another may enjoy sketching and making; it’s all about tailoring your main lesson plan to their preferences. With the occasional request to appear on local television or organise an English-speaking competition, every day is a new adventure!

6. You’ll learn so much about yourself

Travelling to find oneself is an old cliché, but teaching English overseas will teach you much about yourself. Being an English teacher will challenge you to use abilities you didn’t even realise you have, reveal your strengths, and help you grow beyond what you believed was possible. The most excellent part is learning to be self-sufficient while overseas! 


7. It’s the most fun you can have working

I can’t emphasise this enough: if you want a profession that doesn’t feel like work, teach English abroad! As an English teacher, your first responsibility is to make English enjoyable for your pupils, and the more enjoyable the students are, the easier the work becomes. Nothing else is like it; you will find it difficult to return to your regular 9 to 5 after experiencing it.

There is so much to see and experience in the world, and I can’t think of a better way to do so than by teaching English abroad! So, what are you holding out for? Get your TEFL certification and immediately start looking for your dream job teaching English overseas!

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