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Taking up summer TEFL jobs can be an excellent way to dip your toe into the TEFL water if you’re not 100% sure you want to move abroad for longer. It’s also fun to spend your summer if you’re tired of the usual grind and like to have a summer adventure. There is something for everyone, whether you are a TEFL newbie or an experienced teacher.

There are different opportunities for summer, some of which may lead to you making some good contacts for your TEFL future or even a more permanent position with the same company or school. Your choice and what you are looking for from your summer TEFL experience are up to you.

When to look for a summer TEFL job

Recruiters tend to advertise summer positions from January onwards, so now is the time to be on the lookout for job adverts. They will typically keep recruitment until the start of summer, but if there is a specific job or location you’re interested in, you should apply as soon as you see the position open to ensure the best chance of success. If you book your flights before, they will also be cheaper than if you book them last minute.

If you’re flexible and after a spontaneous adventure, you can even check out last-minute openings in May and June. These will be advertised to fill any dropouts they might have had or to cover any extra influx of students they get towards the start of summer. This can work to your advantage if you don’t want to commit too early to your summer plans.

You will submit a written application and then have an interview online after this. You might have to provide a sample lesson plan, too. Remember in the interview that you must show that you are an approachable and friendly teacher who will make summer enjoyable for students worldwide. Employers want to see how you would come across in the classroom, so show them that.

It’s also important to show them you can handle higher-pressure situations and that fast-paced environment. Think of any times you have done this – it might be in teaching or a previous role: the experience always helps. Show the employer that you can handle the role. If you have had experience with other subjects (theatre, sports, etc.), then talk about this too, as it will help in the summer role.

What can I expect from summer TEFL jobs?

Summer camps involve teaching young learners and teenagers. Most importantly, summer camps are intense. There’s no way to deny this – don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise! They are fast-paced, high-energy, and all go, go, go. A summer of TEFL summer camp will leave you exhausted and ready for a break after. So why do it? Because it could also be the summer of your life. If you’re a high-energy person and thrive in this kind of environment, then you can enjoy your short-term teaching gig.

Summer TEFL jobs can vary a lot, too.  Some will include extra pastoral responsibilities such as supervising meals or even bedtime – this can add to the intensify of the work and of course incorporates a lot more than teaching. You might also be asked to participate in organising sports, arts and crafts or even discos! This isn’t for everyone, but many teachers like the change and go with the fun! You should always check this when applying for the job to ensure you don’t end up doing more than you signed up for.

The actual TEFL lessons (yes, finally getting down to that) can vary from more intense lessons to lessons based on different topics (history, geography, etc). The latter is a welcomed change from the academic year and can be very enjoyable. Many lessons might involve more “fun” activities for students to enjoy their summer! Some camps don’t follow traditional lessons inside and organise activities taught in English as part of the ESL curriculum.

Of course, you’ll probably be dying to know about the pay. This can range significantly from fairly well-paid to voluntary. Most summer camps offer accommodation and board so that the weekly salary can vary. Some provide a legit salary, and some offer a weekly stipend on top of the room and meals. It’s rare for summer camp jobs to pay for your flights, so you should consider this for your budget.

You will unlikely get a whole weekend off working in a summer camp and often not more than one day off. This can add to the intensity of working in a TEFL summer camp but is manageable for a short-term job.

Where can you TEFL in the summer?

Most TEFL summer jobs/camps can be found in Europe, which are popular for students worldwide to spend their summers in. While there are some camps in Asia, these are not as common. You will most likely teach in Europe as part of your TEFL summer experience.

UK and Ireland

There are many summer camps in the UK and Ireland where students seek an immersive experience in an English-speaking country. The advantage of working in these countries for summer is that the pay is usually higher. You will need the right to work in the UK and usually an EU passport for summer camps in Ireland. Experience or degrees in other areas (e.g. sports science) can also be a significant advantage.


Spanish summer camps often involved extra activities outside (enjoying the weather) and many sports. The pay can be lower but still not bad with your room and board included. You can explore on the weekends with your colleagues.

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The conditions are often similar to Spanish summer camps where many activities are done outside, enjoying the beautiful Italian countryside.  The pay is not as high as the UK but you have a great opportunity to get to know Italy for the summer! Italian summer camps often incorporate drama and sports activities. 


Spending a summer teaching near the Black Forrest can be a dream come true – enjoy the great outdoors of Germany! You will teach children from all over the world and help with sports and activities too. Check out our Germany summer internship if this sounds like a good opportunity for you!


If you’ve never thought about Romania as a summer destination, you’re underestimating this beautiful Balkan country! The pay in Romania is much lower and more like a volunteer stipend, but the experience can be very unique. You can get to know a country that might be out of your comfort zone but one that is beautiful and will provide an enriching experience. 


Why not spend your summer on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean and get paid to do it at the same time? Malta is a great option for summer camps as students enjoy the glorious sunshine. Students typically take lessons in the mornings and do cultural activities in the afternoon, exploring the history and culture of Malta.

Teach English in Malta

Top tips for summer TEFL jobs

Remember that a summer job is only short-term. It can be manic and tiring, but it’s only temporary. Keep reminding yourself of this anytime you feel tired, and keep going and enjoy the opportunity and one-of-a-kind experience.

Get to know your colleagues as you will spend much time with them at mealtimes and in your free time. Organising free-time activities together is good, especially in a new country where you can explore things together. Summer job friendships are formed very quickly and can last a lifetime!

Remember that your students want to have fun with their summer. They of course need to make progress with their language skills but don’t let it get too “traditional” in your classroom. Take the opportunity to incorporate lots of speaking activities to improve their confidence and fluency. Parents will want them to make progress of course as they are paying a lot of money for their children to attend camp.

Many summer camps are happy to take teachers back year after year if they wish to return. If you enjoy your time and cultivate good working relationships with your colleagues and superiores, you are more likely to be asked back the following year!

Budget well, depending on your salary. If you want to do extra exploring before or after camp, pay how this works out with your budget, as you might need extra. It is definitely a good idea to take advantage of being in a new country and do this, but plan your budget well!

TEFL in summer can be a whirlwind but one you’ll remember for your career. You’ll make new friends, learn new teaching techniques and, hopefully, have some fun along the way. It can be a great experience to break up your academic year. You might end up repeating it year after year. Pick a country and apply for a TEFL summer job today!

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