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Teach Abroad in Europe

No matter what you’re looking for, Europe has something to offer everyone! Not too sure why you should teach abroad there? Check out just a few of these reasons and you’ll be booking your flight in no time!


As we all know, Coronavirus affected everyone across the globe. However, some countries have bounced back and have greatly improved since COVID-19 first started. Namely, many countries in Europe have begun to reopen their borders and return to normality.

TEFL Required

The world of TEFL courses and qualifications can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are a lot of companies offering various courses, so how do you choose the right one?

It’s essential to be aware that not all TEFL courses are equal. Some hold a better reputation with employers than others, and not all have been created by industry professionals with experience teaching English abroad.


When you are living and working in Europe, it is extremely easy to travel both within the country and around Europe. With the Eurail, you can hop over to another country and return home in time for dinner on that very same day! Not to mention that you won’t have to worry about any pesky visas while traveling. 

Competitive pay

Europe has a high demand for English teachers and a higher cost of living than other countries and thus this translates into a competitive salary. If you’re looking to make a good wage and have the opportunity to travel, Europe is the place for you! 


Speaking of pay, as many of you know when you live and work in Europe, you will be paid in Euros. Aside from being a strong currency, you will easily be able to travel around Europe and not have to worry about exchanging currencies! That means that your money can go even further because when you exchange money, it costs money to do so. Therefore, you’re actually saving money in the long run!

Food in Europe


Tapas, fresh home-made pasta, bratwurst, and so much more! Europe has it all! Some of the best food in the world can be found all across Europe. Start your morning with fresh espresso and crepe in France before ending the day with some delectable tapas on the coast in Spain. 

Breath-taking Scenery

Have you ever wanted to see the Alps or wake up to the sunrise over the Mediterranean? Europe is the place for you. While living and working in the country of your choice, you will have ample opportunity to see jaw-dropping views. Want to step up your Instagram game? With countless world-renowned places to see, you’re bound to snap a few shots that make everyone back home wish they were there!

Learn a new language

Europe provides you with ample opportunity to learn a new language. Sometimes it’s only a few hours away and you’re in a completely new country surrounded by a new language to immerse yourself in. Why not take the opportunity to not only teach but also learn. Make your resume stand out if and when you return home by adding a second, third, or fourth language!

European HistoryThe History 


With such a rich and diverse history, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to learn more and actually walk through the same streets and see history come alive. Through the architecture, museums, and the people themselves, you will see history right before your eyes!

Work-life balance

Europe is known for having strong protections for their citizens. What this means for you is that you’ll be ensured protections! Only work a set number of hours a week and have a guaranteed number of days off per year. What this means for you is an even better work-life balance. Make the most of your time abroad and spend more time doing the things you love!

The Parties

Of course with COVID things are different, however, pre and most likely post the pandemic, the parties all across Europe are legendary! Dance the night away and watch the sunrise as the perfect end to the night. Even with the pandemic, restaurants and bars across the continent have reopened so that you can still enjoy delectable wine with friends. 

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