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Tips to stay safe while travelling

Traveling has so many benefits and can be the time of your life, however, it is always important to stay safe while on the road. Many people can often times feel concerned visiting particular places and countries if they do not feel safe. This is all too common and completely understandable. Which is why we have put together a list of tips for you to follow and use to stay safe while traveling.

Do your research

First and foremost, when you are traveling, particularly to a different country with a contrasting culture, it is important to do your research. Know the predominant religion, does their religion impact the laws, how does it influence popular culture. By knowing and understanding these differences, it will help you to be respectful and decrease the chances of you coming into conflict with the locals.

Do not bring valuables

When you are traveling, it is important to leave the majority of your valuables at home (i.e. jewelry). Wearing expensive and flashy jewelry can bring unwanted attention to you and can make you a target. It is best to simply leave these items at home.

Avoid dangerous areas

In your research, be sure to look up what areas are not safe, especially for tourists. By knowing where these areas are, you can avoid traveling to these parts of the town.

Try not to look like a tourist

I know this may be impossible for some, however even a small attempt to look like you live there can go a long way. For example, as a tourist, of course you will not know the streets or where to go when you are searching for a particular tourist destination. Rather than walking around with a map in your hand and looking lost, download google maps for the city or town you are visiting. By doing this, you will have access to maps while offline. Then when you walk around, you can simply check your phone and you will look less like a target.

Only use one earphone

While traveling, especially on long journeys, most people like to listen to music or watch a show on their electronic devices. While you are doing this, be sure to leave one earphone out, this way you can always hear your surroundings. This will help you to always be aware and remain safe while on the road.

Have insurance

This goes for both medical as well as travelers insurance. The last thing anyone wants to happen while traveling is for an accident to occur. However, in the event that something does happen, you want to be covered so that you can attend a hospital or get your items replaced if they are lost or damaged while you are away.

Have copies of where you are staying

When you go out to explore, either during the day or at night, it is important to print out the location of where you are staying in English and the local language. This way, if you ever get lost, you can simply catch a cab and you do not need to worry about being able to give them directions.

Purchase a SIM card

If possible, when you are traveling, if you have an unlocked phone, purchase a SIM card. This is important to do, even if you will only be there for a few days as it will allow you to have access to the internet and have the ability to call emergency services 24/7. If you are ever lost while traveling or feel in danger, you can simply use your phone to call your hotel or the local authorities.

Use a fanny pack

Although this may not be the most fashionable accessory, holding all of your valuables in a fanny pack will allow you to have easy access to your items and make it difficult for others to steal. Your valuables will be in front of you at all times and will act as a deterrent for thieves.

Don’t over drink

When you are traveling, more than likely you will want to have a fun night out. If you are traveling alone, we recommend making friends and traveling in a group. While you are out, always have an eye on your drink and do not get too drunk. While abroad, you are the only one looking out for you! It is fine to have a few drinks, however you should not get drunk. This can often lead to sketchy situations, even in your home country. 

Trust your instincts

One of the best things you can do while traveling is to simply trust your instincts. If something does not feel right or safe, it is completely fine to change your mind or simply go home. Even if it costs a lot of money or whatever the case may be, it is ALWAYS worth it to be safe.

Use small bills

While exploring for the day, only take what you will need for the day. In addition, try to mainly use cash and small bills. This way, if anything is ever stolen, you will not lose a lot of money. On this same note, if you are ever being robbed or feel that you are being cheated, it is best to give them what they want. Money or valuables can always be replaced and it is your priority to remain safe.

Majority of the time, traveling is a wonderful and life changing experience. However, it is important to remain safe while you are globetrotting. These are simply a few tips for you to follow to do so.

What is something you always do to be safe on the road?

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