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Teach Abroad as a non-native speaker

Want to teach English abroad but running into obstacles because all of the positions require you to be a native English speaker? Not to worry! There are actually so many teaching positions abroad for those who are not native English speakers. Be sure to check out these tips on how to get a job teaching English abroad without being a native speaker as well as our list of epic countries to check out! 

Before applying to teach English abroad as a non-native speaker, it is important to get certified. Not only do you need to get TEFL certified go teach English, but as a non-native speaker, sometimes you might need to get certified to show your level of English. The highest level of English proficiency is a C2 level of the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) exam. By taking and passing this exam, you will prove to employers that your level of English is equivalent to that of a native English speaker. 

TEFL Teachers

In addition to being certified as a TEFL teacher, it will also benefit you if you have your bachelor’s degree. Some countries even require you to have a university degree. If you hold both a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification, it will definitely set you apart from other candidates applying to teach English abroad. 

As a non-native speaker, you also bring a unique aspect to teaching English as you are able to see the perspective of the student clearer. In addition, you will be able to teach your students to prepare for the CPE exam in a unique way as you have also taken and passed the same exam! When applying to teach English abroad, be sure to highlight these aspects in your cover letter. Use the fact that you are a non-native speaker, and completely proficient in the language as a benefit! 

Remember your CV/resume needs to be 100%. There are experts that can help you with this and we also have a couple of blogs on our site to help you.

Record a professional video of yourself. Employers like to hear your accent and fluency of English.

Wondering where to get started in terms of what countries you could travel to? Here are a few countries that accept non-native English speakers as teachers:

Teach English in Cambodia


Teach English in China 






These are simply a few countries that accept non-native English speakers to teach English.

If you use these tips and checkout jobs in those countries, you will be boarding the plane to teach English abroad before you know it! 

This is a list of schools that offer equal professional opportunities to ‘non-native speaker’ teachers too, make sure to visit it here.


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