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How to find English Teaching jobs abroad

Thinking about moving abroad to teach English? Congratulations! Making the decision to move abroad to teach is the first step to making the epic change and start the adventure of a lifetime. Once you have made the decision, what comes next? First things first, is actually finding a teaching job abroad. If you have never taught English before, this can be a bit daunting. However, there is no need to worry, we have put together a list of tips on how to find teaching positions abroad!

The TEFL Institute of Ireland

The first thing is our website. We have partnered with reputable companies and schools across the globe to provide our clients with well-paid teaching positions. If you do not feel prepared to move across the world and teach English, we also offer internships! Our internships provide you with the necessary tools to teach English, such as qualified TEFL courses, and a position abroad. Whether you are looking to teach English in a stunning country such as Thailand, or fabulous Spain, we have internships just for you!

Dave’s English Cafe

A list of places to find English teaching positions abroad would not be complete without mentioning this website. One of the first English teaching job boards on the internet, this website has grown tremendously over the years. Whether you are looking for a job abroad or simply just some advice, this website has exactly what you are looking for.


Believe it or not, but Facebook groups are a fantastic way to find jobs abroad. There are thousands of Facebook groups, each that specialize in different things. When you are looking for an English teaching position abroad, the best thing to do is to join several Facebook groups focused on positions in the country in which you wish to move. There are several groups, try variations such as “English teaching jobs in (insert country)” or “TEFL jobs in (insert country)”.

Once you join a few facebook groups, write a post that you are looking for a job. When posting, be sure to say a bit about yourself. Be sure to include; who you are, where you went to school/what you studied, whether you have your TEFL, and any experience relating to teaching English. Also, include the dates that you can begin working and how long you wish to work there (a few months or a year-long contract).

After you have posted in the facebook groups, be sure to keep an eye out on any job postings. Many people post in the groups all the time about job openings at schools they work at and are happy to help. Do not be afraid to not only comment on these posts but to direct message them as well!


This social media platform is taking off! It is not only used to post cute photos of yourself or to look at cool travel photos of influencers. Instagram is a great tool to market yourself and find jobs. You can use hashtags to search for job postings or look for accounts in the country or city you wish to work in and network. Reach out to people and ask if they have any advice or know of any open positions. You would be surprised what could come out of it!

These are simply a few ways to find a teaching position abroad. Once you have put yourself out there, you might be surprised at what opportunities come your way!

Where are you currently looking to move abroad?!

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