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Teaching english in Germany, summer

If you have some free time this summer and are wondering what to do with it, you might consider using your TEFL skills to teach abroad. It can be the perfect time to get away fro a few weeks or months and do something with your summer. Summer jobs are different to year-round jobs – they can be more intense and involve more hours. However, they can also turn into experiences of a lifetime – new friends, new adventures and the chance to explore more of a new place. 

Summer jobs can often require between 4 to 8 weeks of your time but this can be flexible depending on the role you accept. The pay is often lower because accommodation and board are included so you are provided with a stipend to keep you going more than anything. If you can afford it, it’s always a good idea to spend some time before or after your work travelling in the local area. You will also meet other colleagues that might want to do this with you too!

Europe is a great place to spend the summer teaching as there are many summer camps and jobs available. Students from all over the world come to Europe to enjoy the good weather (mostly) and explore with cheap flights and trains to different countries nearby. So if you’re thinking of spending some time abroad this summer, why not make it a TEFL summer? All you often need to get started is your online TEFL certification and off you go!


Germany is a beautiful country to explore at any time of the year but in the summer, there’s something special about its breathtaking landscapes made up of mountains, lakes and lush forests. There are also exciting cities to explore such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt. There is lots to do in this country in your free time!

It can be tougher to get into the TEFL industry in general in Germany, but in summer, there are some short-term opportunities that can be a good way to get to know the country. Germany offers summer camps that take place in towns and the countryside for TEFL teachers. Your duties would typically involve teaching fun, themed classes and participating in activities with the children, such as sports or arts and crafts. 

Did you know we had a summer internship in Germany? If not, check it out here!

Our internship is perfect for those who want to combine teaching TEFL with outdoor life, as there are lots of opportunities for campfire stories! Five locations are available, and your accommodation and food will be handled. It’s a stress-free way to land a summer TEFL job!

Germany teaching jobs


You might not have considered Romania when considering a summer TEFL getaway, but this was your first mistake! This lesser-explored country offers a lot. Romania is a stunning country with beautiful mountains and countryside. It also offers stunning palaces and buildings in its cities such as Brasov, Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca and beach escapes at the Black Sea in Constanta. Romania has it all!

Romania is a great country to teach TEFL in for the summer. There are summer camps that mostly teach Romanian children English for a few weeks at a time. You will teach fun, communicative classes and then help the children with other activities later in the day. In your free time, you will have the opportunity to explore the local area and get to know a country you might not know much about – you won’t regret it! Often, these trips are included as part of your camp salary and are paid for by the host. It’s an easy way to explore as everything is handled for you.


Who doesn’t want to spend the summer in Italy eating pizza and gelato? Italy is everything you’ve every dreamt of and more! A place to discover divine culture, exquisite food and all sorts of scenery. There are summer programmes that teach either children or teenagers, and you can take advantage of the included accommodation. In your free time, you can use Italy’s extensive rail network to explore nearby! There are beautiful cities such as Rome, Florence, Naples, and Milan to check out. Or, if you feel adventurous, you can head to the beautiful Dolomites or even an island such as Sicily or Sardinia. 

Teaching Italy in Italy


Spain offers a variety of summer camps across the country. You will have classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon with your students. Spain is a huge country so your experience will differ between the north and south, so there’s something for everyone. You can get lost in the green landscapes of Galicia or learn more about the Moorish architecture of Andalucia. Spain doesn’t have many requirements for summer camp TEFL teachers – your online TEFL certification will be enough! You will typically need to have the right to work here, such as residency or an EU passport.


Many students from all over the world travel to the UK in summer in order to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment and boost their English language skills. During this time, they attend summer school. These often take place at prestigious boarding schools that utilise the empty space in the summer months. The duties can be mixed depending on the school. 

You will be in charge of organising and delivering English classes to students – the age can range between 8 and 18! Then you will also most likely participate in daytrips with the students, exploring the local culture and points of interest. This is a great way for you to get to know different places, too! Some schools will also require you to assist with monitoring and residential duties, although not all. It’s important to check this in your list of duties before you accept the role!

These types of jobs in the UK can be one of the highest-paid TEFL summer jobs so the requirements are a little stricter than for your average summer camp job in the countryside abroad. You typically need to have a degree, your TEFL qualification and some experience. If you have additional qualifications, such as a Master’s or a mainstream teaching qualification, your salary may also be higher. You will also need the right to work in the UK so you will need to check this before you apply for any jobs here. 


Ireland is also a great place for students to immerse themselves in the English language and a beautiful place for students to explore. Summer camps and intensive courses for teenagers run for weeks at a time. These roles involve preparing classes – they might be communicative or more exam-based. In the afternoon, you will run cultural activities or trips to local sights allowing the students to get to know Ireland.

If you’re already living in Ireland, this can be a good role to take advantage of as you might not need to travel too far. If the work is close by, then you might even have the option of travelling to work and staying in your own house if this suits you better. Those who don’t require accommodation often receive a slightly higher salary as the school saves on lodging and food for them.

Online – exams 

While the online teaching world can quiet down a little in summer as many students take their holiday (especially in August), it’s also when students take their official exams. June and July in particular, can offer opportunities for online classes teaching English for Exams. In these classes, you help prepare students to take an official exam or give them some much-needed practice in writing or speaking. Many students opt to take these classes more intensively, taking a lesson each day to prepare. Get your profile out there on local job boards and online to take advantage of this demand!

If you already have your own private students, then be prepared for them to take a holiday at this time. Unless they’re within a time limit for an upcoming exam, they will probably not take their usual classes with you. As a teacher, you must be aware of this so that you can budget and plan your time. When summer approaches, ask your students about any holidays or breaks they have planned so you can get organised. When September comes around again, send a welcome message to your students so they can be reminded to get started again. If you leave it to the students, they will put it off and probably won’t get in touch until mid-October!

Extra course 

If you have time this summer, you can also utilise it to upskill and take an additional online TEFL course. We offer courses specialising in Exam English, Business English and more! Summer is a perfect time to take an online course and gain an extra qualification. This way, you and your CV will be ready come September to take your pick of the jobs where you want. It can also give you a little more confidence and knowledge to take with you!

Summer is the opportune team to get some TEFL experience under your belt, especially if you’re newly qualified. It’s also an excellent way to test the TEFL waters and see how you like teaching, as the positions are more short-term. You can make some amazing new friends who can be useful TEFL contacts for you in the future, too! Your summer doesn’t have to be boring – you can explore a new country or get to know your own better!

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