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TEFL Course in Barcelona

When considering taking a TEFL course, it is important to decide whether or not to take it online or in person. Although both are viable options, many times, taking the course online is most convenient. By taking a course online, you are able to work at your own pace. However, at times you may feel that you need something extra to be fully prepared to teach English as a foreign language. What better way to do this, than by taking an in-person TEFL course in Barcelona. 


Imagine waking up and walking along the beach, feeling the Mediterranean breeze wash over your face. Stop off in a cafe to sip on a hot espresso before going to your TEFL course in this exotic location. Whether you are looking to go on holiday for a week, or perhaps a few, the TEFL Institute of Ireland’s 10-hour course in Barcelona will only take up one day!

Upon finishing the course, hit the town and explore the lively streets of Barcelona. Begin the evening with delicious tapas and sangria before heading to one of the many clubs along the Mediterranean sea. Dance the night away with Spaniards until the sun rises and perhaps even go for a swim! All this in a day’s work of obtaining your in-class certificate through a TEFL course in Barcelona. 

The TEFL Course in Barcelona

Start traveling before you even start teaching English English abroad! The one day 10-hour practical teaching course enables you to get the hands-on learning experience to prepare you to teach without the time usually required for an in-class TEFL course. Within one day, after completing the course, you could be prepared to teach the next day. Not to mention, set you apart from other TEFL certified teachers. 

Coupled with the 120-hour TEFL course online, the TEFL Institute of Ireland’s in-person TEFL course in Barcelona will prepare you to teach anywhere in the world. Enjoy traveling while preparing to succeed in your new teaching career! Not only will you become a certified teacher, but the TEFL Institute of Ireland’s leading experts will help you in your job search to ensure you find your dream job!

What are you waiting for?! Barcelona and the world is calling your name!

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