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This year, we ask ourselves who we’ll be able to visit, and for those special few, what we should get them for a gift. Luckily for you, we have the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones… A gift voucher to get their TEFL certificate online!

What is a gift voucher?

A gift voucher will allow you to give the gift of education to your loved one. Simply purchase your favourite option on the website and send the e-voucher to your loved one. That way, even if you’re unable to see them in person, they can still feel the love anywhere in the world! Not to mention that they’ll be able to redeem it online and study at their own pace! The best part is that it doesn’t expire! Whether your loved one wants to start their TEFL journey today, next week, or in a few months, this gift voucher will be there for them. In addition, when you purchase a gift voucher, depending on how much money you put on it, you’ll also get additional money towards your gift! Purchase a €100 voucher and get an additional €25, purchase a €200 voucher and get an additional €50, and purchase a €300 voucher and get an additional €75!

tefl voucher gift

Benefits of a voucher

A gift voucher is the ideal present for a friend or loved one! With this gift voucher, they will be able to take the course of their choosing and work at their own pace to get TEFL Certified. Once they have received their certificate, they’ll be able to begin their career teaching English. As a TEFL English teacher, they will be able to teach English online and start earning an income immediately!

When they’re ready and border restrictions begin to ease, they’ll even be able to use their TEFL to travel the world. Your loved one can move for a few weeks, months, or even years to almost anywhere in the world to teach English! Your present will be the key to unlocking their future travels.

Since people have been quarantining at home, many have already purchased everything they can possibly need for their homes. And with government guidelines and travel restrictions constantly changing, it can be difficult to book a weekend getaway. Not to mention, that some have struggled with finding a job in the current economy. A gift voucher toward a TEFL career can be the solution to all these issues! A unique gift that can be used that will enable them to travel in the future and even help them to earn money online once they’ve completed their course!

A gift voucher is a gift that keeps giving! Help your loved ones get TEFL certified today and start their new career teaching English.

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