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Completing your online TEFL course is the hard part. After that it gets easy. You can start teaching English abroad! You just have to:

  • Arrange travel to a foreign country
  • Arrange transportation within that country
  • Find accommodation in a strange new city where you do not speak the language
  • Shop for food, clothes and other necessities
  • Communicate with your new bosses
  • Stare out at 30 expectant little faces
  • Teach English for the first time


The idea of teaching English abroad is all romance and adventure. But the reality can be a lot more daunting. If you are looking for a smooth introduction to teaching English abroad or even to a new TEFL destination, you should strongly consider the TEFL Institute of Ireland’s Paid Internship Programme. Here is why:

Fully Vetted English Language Programmes

Scanning the job boards, everyone’s biggest fear is that they’ll accidentally pick a lemon. The job sounds great, the pictures are bright and shiny, the kids are smiley. And then you arrive it’s a post-apocalyptic version of what you were sold. With our Paid Internship Programme you can put those worries aside.

Our team of travel and education experts fully vet every location. We carefully choose our partner schools. And we fully prep them on what they can expect and what they can reasonably demand. We also spent significant time in the local community to assure that we can provide expert advice and guidance to our interns.

You’ll be walking into a quality programme run by administrators who are accustomed to working with foreign teachers and who know how to make your transition as smooth as possible.

All In Country Logistics are Pre-Arranged

Even for TEFL veterans, it can be difficult to balance starting a new job and getting set up in a new country. Our Paid Internship Programme takes care of the life shift/survival stuff so you can concentrate on teaching English. The details vary by destination but typically we handle:

  • Transportation from the airport
  • Accommodation + meals
  • On-going in country support
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Health Insurance
  • Generous Monthly Allowance

Short-Term Commitments

The majority of our Paid Internships opportunities are short-term arrangements. They are meant to get you set up, comfortable and accustomed to teaching English abroad. After that, we want you to follow your own TEFL career path. Besides, once you’ve gotten comfortable, you won’t want us around anymore. We know that. And we are fine with it. Honestly.

Long-Term Qualifications

All of our Paid Internship opportunities include TEFL certification. Again it varies by destination, but most include our 240 Hour Professional TEFL Course. Not only will you be 100% prepared from day one, but you’ll also be well ahead of the competition when it comes time to further your TEFL career.

Built-in Community

You will not be alone. Between 20-150 interns will arrive on the same day. You will go through orientation together. Many of you will teach in the same schools. Some of you will share accommodation. From the moment you arrive, you will be part of a TEFL community. You will be surrounded by people going through the same experience at the same speed. And as you progress in your TEFL career those people will become your professional network.

Stress Free Travel

We have Paid Internship opportunities available across Asia, Europe and South America. If you are dreaming about Cambodia, Thailand, Spain, Argentina, Brazil or destinations in between, we’ve got you covered. You can explore the country of your dreams with the comfort of knowing that employment, accommodation, visa services, etc. are being expertly handled. You can explore without anything clouding your thoughts–with an open heart and an open mind.

If you are a bit nervous about starting a career teaching English abroad, well, good. That shows that you are taking it seriously. It shows that you want to get off to a good start and move up from there. We can help you. We designed the Paid Internship Programme with people like you in mind; talented individuals who want to take well planned first steps.  

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